Perkins Board Chair Corinne Basler Grousbeck with her son Campbell.
August 25

Perkins’ ambitious social change campaign is introduced at international blindness conference.

A student and teacher signing
September 8

A monthly opportunity to learn about the range of specialized school programs and services at Perkins.

Marla Runyan works on a laptop, with two large-screen monitors in front of her
Spring 2016

Perkins Access, a new service from Perkins Solutions, is eager to help make websites more accessible to people who are blind.

We’re making a difference with your help

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
Helen Keller

a graphic icon showing the number 28,990

28,990 people borrowing braille or audio books from the Perkins Library in the past year

78% infographic icon

78% increase in children, adults, educators, and caregivers around the world reached by Perkins International in the last six years

a stylized icon showing 23,246 people

23,246 people living more independently thanks to assistive technology from Perkins Solutions

A young man with a walker works on a car engine
August 23

5 tips to help young adults with visual impairment and other disabilities build a more engaged, rewarding life in the community.

A young woman using an iPad sits next to her guide dog
August 18

Q&A with Bill Oates: Why non-accessible websites are no longer good enough for governments and businesses.

An open book with embossed letters and braille characters
August 16

The book that revolutionized the world by introducing braille is a highlight of the Perkins Archive collection.