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Perkins offers seminars in iTunes University

Earn professional development credit while you're on the go

TVIs, O&M Specialists, Teachers of the Deafblind or Severely Impaired, Special Education Administrators, and Parents: You can now learn from experts in the fields of blindness, deafblindness and multiple disability education at your own pace, on the iTunes University App.

iTunes U on iPhone and iPad

Carry the classroom in your iPhone or iPad

What began with webcasts—informative video broadcasts via that feature experts in education for the visually impaired—has blossomed into self-guided coursework you can complete anywhere an iPad or an iPhone can go… which is indeed anywhere.

Once you've watched the relevant webcasts and completed the iTunes U coursework, you can purchase an assessment to earn Continuing Education Credits or Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Educational Professionals (ACVREP) credits. Depending on your state, you may also qualify for State Recertification credits. Click for more information on Professional Development for Special Educators.

Questions? Contact Mary C. Zatta, PhD., Perkins Training Resources Mgr., at 617-972-7344 or

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3-4…


1. Download the iTunes University App

You can download this application for free from Apple's iTunes Store. Once you subscribe to a course, the app will provide you with course material—research and reflection activities—to help prepare for the final assessment, where teachers can earn credit. To interact with the app, you will need a device that runs Apple's iOS operating system, like an iPad or an iPhone.
  iTunes U

Download iTunes University


2. Select the course you wish to take

Once you've installed the iTunes U app, you can now subscribe to courses, like CVI, Albinism, and Environmental Adaptations. In this seminar, participants are guided through a series of video topics and self-directed activities in order to understand the characteristics of Cortical Visual Impairment, Albinism, and Environmental Adaptations that can support students with these and other low vision conditions. Assessment fee is $99.
  iTunes seminar - CVI, Albinism, and Environmental Adaptations

Subscribe to the seminar


3. Watch the required Perkins Webcasts


4. Register to take the test

  1. Go to the Order Form and choose the credits you want to receive.
  2. Click on the "Add to Cart and Checkout" button to purchase your registration.
  3. Instructions on how to take the test will be emailed to you after you have successfully registered.
  iTunes seminar - CVI, Albinism and Environmental Adaptations
Upon successful completion of the test you will earn 10 ACVREP or Continuing Education credits (your choice) and you will be able to print a certificate demonstrating that you earned the credits. In addition, Perkins will send you a letter confirming that the credits have been awarded.


For questions, contact Mary C. Zatta, PhD., at 617-972-7344 or

Perkins eLearning provides multimedia learning tools on a range of professional development topics featuring leading practitioners in the field of education for the visually impaired. These multimedia segments are presented in a variety of platforms and formats—such as on-demand video chapters and tutorials, online webinars, iTunes University seminars, and asynchronous workshop sessions—to suit all types of learning goals.