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What's New with Training & Educational Resources?

Perkins Training & Educational Resources Program believes knowledge is most powerful when shared. Every month we are creating new webcasts, LIVE webinars, e-newsletters and other online resources so that parents and teachers can benefit from our highly skilled expertise in the fields of blindness and deafblindness, including additional disabilities. Scroll down to read about some of the latest ways Perkins Training & Educational Resources Program is spreading the word, directly from our mouths to your computer screen...

Darick Wright of 
the Low Vision Clinic  

Introducing WEBINARS!

Brought to you LIVE and for free, watch experts in the field of blindness and deafblindness conduct online lectures. On Feb. 29, 2012, we'll be airing our second webinar Let's Get Cooking. You can also view our first webinar ever Getting to 1M: Understanding Magnification & Print Size by clicking on the title now!

webcast DVDs  

Webcast DVDs

Lucia Hasty
Teaching Braille Reading & Writing;
Teaching Tactile Graphics

Dr. Jan van Dijk
Child-Guided Assessment;
The Role of the Emotional Brain
Susan DeCaluwe & Elizabeth Torrey
The Communication Portfolio;
Tangible Symbols

Barbara Miles
A personal reflection about deafblindness;
Reflections on Deafblindness: Hands & Touch
Educator Series  

Educator Series Archives

Each month, we release the Educator Series, an e-newsletter that offers advice, activities, curriculum, webcasts and other information for teachers of the visually impaired (TVIs). View all current and back issues here.

apps flowing from an iPad  

WonderBaby Accessible iPad apps

Perkins explores all the possibility encased within the slim touch-sensitive tablet computer, Apple's iPad. With an iPad, you can download all sorts of apps that can help your child learn basic cause-and-effect concepts, hone fine-motor skills or even learn to communicate. Therapists and special education teachers are learning to incorporate iPads into their sessions and parents want to learn to use them at home with their children, too!

Cindy's Corner  

Cindy's Corner

Cindy’s Corner shares activities that have been adapted to meet the needs of students who are visually impaired, including those with additional disabilities. She has developed these activities for teachers and families alike. Each month, Perkins' Educator Series e-newsletter will present a new hands-on activity that will provide students with a fun way to work on meaningful skills.

Perkins photo collection on Flickr  

Perkins Flickr Photo Archives

The Perkins Archives include collections related to the history of the education of students who were blind and deafblind, institutional archives, and correspondence of significant figures in the school's history (such as Helen Keller, Annie Sullivan, and Samuel Gridley Howe). The collections are in a variety of formats, including original manuscripts, scrapbooks, clippings notebooks, photos and postcards.